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"View Images" - notes for the Site Menu:


From any page, clicking "View Images" leads to the various groups that are featured - Travel, Portrait, Automotive, etc.


Opening the group of interest allows selection of specific galleries. Please note: a password may be required at this point.


Clicking the gallery chosen to explore opens a page of thumbnail photographs.


The "Show All" link, bottom center, will display all thumbnails on one page rather than multiple pages. A word of caution however as some of these galleries can have many photographs.


Clicking a photograph selects it for a larger display.


Clicking that enlarged image will maximize the photograph, to the limit of your display.


You will find navigation buttons on the left & right that allow scrolling through the gallery at this full size.


To exit this view, there is an "X" in the upper right corner, or use the Esc on your keyboard, or just click the image again.


Once the photo is opened in large, but not maximum, moving the cursor over it can open a couple of menus.


The one on the upper right, a small "i" when cursored-over, will display all the photo & camera conditions (the EXIF file) for those interested.


The upper left of the photo has three or four selections when cursored-over.


~ An"Add to Collection" is the lowest. If you have an account and are logged in, you and add photos to your collection through out the galleries, then compare them later.


~ Moving up, the next one is "Dim the Lights" and does the same to enlarge the view as clicking the image (see above).


~ "Add to Favorites" is next, and it may be the top one, allows favorites to saved and shared with me for editing.


~ If purchasing is enabled for this gallery, "Buy" will be at the top. This button is also duplicated in the upper right corner of the page.


Clicking either "Buy" button will open a window allowing the selection of various available options for acquiring this photograph - see Purchasing video above.   There may only be one item available on this page, such as a download, but "Select" still needs to be clicked to place it in the shopping cart.


There is a Slide Show button in the upper right that will start a full screen display cycling through all the photographs in the gallery if you would rather.



Please, do enjoy the site,